Edens Garden Essential Oils: I’m obsessed with these essential oils! They are a fraction of the price you’ll find at health food stores and they have the most AMAZING blends!!!!

THINXThese period panties are life-changing! Use this link for $10 off your first pair.

Cora: These are Organic tampons that actually work + they give pads to girls in need. Use code, AbbiTWENTY4416 and get 20% off your order!

Keap Candles: The most incredible candles, with a give-back initiative and recyclable containers to boot! Use code “AbbiMiller” for 15% off any candle or new subscriptions.

David’s Toothpaste: Yummy toothpaste, minus the creepy chemicals. Use code “ABBI” for 20% off!


CityShape: Calling all KC peeps! CityShape is a monthly membership that includes fitness classes + perks to your favorite healthy eats and threads. Use code AM20OFF2018 for $20 off your first month!

– Class Pass is an awesome way to experience all different studios across the world.  Use this link for $40 off your first month!


Panic Free Tax Prep for Self Employed Rockstars: Andi Smiles is #BizBadassery for Biz Babes to the max. Check out this 60 minute workshop that will f’real save you from pulling out your hair as April 15th approaches.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition: the school I received my Holistic Nutrition Coach certification from! I highly recommend it if you’re looking to take your health and/or business to the next level. Email me if you wanna chat so I can answer questions!!

– Food Matters TV: it’s like Netflix for inspiration and wellness education! Seriously my fave place to learn and be inspired.

Yummy food products:

– Life Equals, Vitamins that give (they are like the Tom’s shoes of vitamins!)  For 50% off everything + free shipping, use code ‘MIL50’! They make my favorite probiotic and also have a delicious new superfood juice shot that is shelf stable + your new travel BFF.

Cappellos: the BEST paleo nommsss. Check the freezer aisle for frozen pizza, pasta and cookie dough (it’s vegan, why bake it, I ask?)! Or order online.

Primal Kitchen: the most amazing paleo protein bars ever. They also make mayo with avocado oil and a myriad of other fun goods.

Pure Food Protein: Organic, plant-based, 100% real food protein powder with probiotics (yup!). Get 15% your first bag with coupon code “Abbi15”.

– Matchaful: Super high-vibe, high-grade Organic matcha.  This is my fave go-to brand! Use code ‘ABBIMILLER’ for 20% off all Matchaful products on your first order!

– Natural Citizen: Super clean Organic plant-based protein powder.  I love how non-gritty it is! Use code ABBI for 15% off any purchase! Weooo.

Sakara Life:  Check out their amazing home delivery of their clean + gorgeous noms. Also, get their chia flatbread bc they will make you happy you did. Get 15% off your first organic meal delivery program with code REF_ABBILOVE15.

Thrive: The site for all-things healthy (Like if Whole Foods and Costco had a baby), 25% off your entire first order, just for ordering!

NOLA bars, hand-baked, grain-free, “nature’s candy bar”. Crunchy and delish! Use code, “AbbiSnacks” for 25% off first order!

Windy City Organics, delicious spreads and nut butters.  Use coupon “abbi10” for a 10% discount on all of Rawmio spreads (think Nutella, but divinely healthy) and raw nut butters on RawGuru.

Rawxies, Foxy whole food snacks made without crap!  Amazing gluten, sugar, soy, dairy-free deliciousness. Get 15% off your order using promo code, ‘AM15’

– Food and Ferments, delicious fermented foods and organic body care products.

Epic Protein, a fabulous plant-based protein powder, get a 15% discount for your first order with coupon code 15ABBI.

Bright Earth Foods, my favorite superfood brand on the planet.  Get yourself some choco-raw!  Your tastebuds will thank me.

Greens plus: incredible green-chocolate energy bars, and other superfood powders, 20% off with code, “AbbiMiller”.

Shanti Bars: Not only are these bars are made by a 100% female owned and operated biz, but they’re also 100% organic certified, non-gmo project verified, kosher certified, + their energy line is paleo certified, gluten free, vegan, raw, AND packed with superfoods… what more can I say!? Try them today with code “ABBI” for 10% off.

Further Foods: My fave collagen! I use it in my matcha daily. Use code ABBIMILLER for 5% off your entire order.

Biz Babe Products:

Danielle LaPorteDanielle works MAGIC with her words, and her books + planners are a tried and true way to light a fire in your life.

Commit30: a daily planner created to support you in your daily goals. Super awesome!

Food blogs:

Breakfast Criminals, brekkie superfood heaven.  Check out her juicy e-book of recipes here.


Sage, yoga and healing arts center, complete with chiropractics, facials, and massage, and amazing apothecary of everything you’d ever want!


-Skin: a Kansas City-based skincare line that is totally non-toxic and created by a holistic herbalist! You’ll want to eat everything.

100% Pure, My favorite Organic makeup that is stunning and fabulous!

Etiquette thoughtful beauty, facials, waxing and gorgeous eyelash extensions!

Jamie Miller Hair Parlor, talented and high-vibe hair care goddesses!


Groceries Apparel: Sustainable fashion with local and traceable production practices designed to maximize the quality of their clothes AND the wage they pay their employees! I’m into it. Use code “ABBIMILLER” for 25% off!

Shop Future: My friend’s beautiful online vintage studio. All the denim love you can imagine.

Sandcloud, beautiful beach and picnic towels. Handwoven, stunning.  Get 20% off your order with code STYLE20

Retreats / travel :

– Come travel with meeeee!

Unschool Adventures, travel for unschooled teens (I co-founded UA back in 2008!)

Photography / videography:

Paperweight Films, beautiful, honest, and emotional films for couples’ wedding day. Available anywhere. (CRY ALERT: remove mascara before viewing promo reel!)