Creamy & Dreamy Acai Chia Smoothie

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Creamy & Dreamy Acai Chia Smoothie

Y'all know I love my smoothies, and this bad boy is one of my faves. The sweet potatoes make it extra creamy, while the figs, bluebs, acai and cacao combine for a yummy flavor. Ingredients: 2 figs* 1 TB chia seed...

How to be a Wonderful Friend, in 5 Easy Steps

friendsPhoto courtesy of Andrea Larson. How To Be A Wonderful Friend, In 5 Easy Steps This post was originally written for the delightful and tasty Hilary's!
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7 allergy-friendly lunches on the go!

AbbiFood5 I wrote this article for Hilary's - they're the best! You want to eat healthfully, and life is busy. You know that taking care of yourself will help you manage your very full life, but sometimes it gets hard to do all of the ...

Matcha Magic!

IMG_0444   IT'S MATCHA TIME. If you haven't noticed, I'm a bit obsessed with the stuff. I mean helloooo antioxidants, jitter-free energy, and anti-cancer yumminess! Get your fix of the magic with my matcha latte recipe, below. 2 teas. Matchaful matcha (Use code ‘ABBIMILLER’ for 20% o...