Abbi 003

I’m here to help you make friends with food, love your body and live your dream life. 

My fave tools are:

-holistic nutrition coaching + workshops

-yoga classes and retreats

dream life business coaching + creative mentoring

-conscious life design

I live in Kansas City, and travel often. I offer my services globally via Skype or in person.


What am I about?

I stand for something bigger than just getting smaller.

I get inspired when I see people loving on themselves, body, mind and spirit.

I refuse to support a culture of body-shaming, of oppression and guilt.

I want soul-sparking.  I want food to become a friend.

I want your body to be treated like your favorite toddler.

I want you to ask for what you want, again and again.

I want no bullshit, and all the greens we can eat.

I want to give us all permission to just be the badasses we are, fully, no brakes.

Life short.  If not now, when?

For more info on my nutrition programs, click here.

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A portion of all proceeds go to support the work of MOCSA.

MOCSA exists to improve the lives of those impacted by sexual abuse and

assault and prevent sexual violence in the Kansas City community.


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